Where does BYU rank?

On Saturday, #20 BYU shocked #3 Oklahoma and the world by pulling a stunning upset. On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal posted their updated college football rankings, and placed BYU at #5. That’s right, not 15, #5, right behind Florida, Alabama, Texas, and USC.

This ranking in their own words is ‘preposterously high’, but I agree with it, and also their rationale for giving it: who else does BYU have to beat to get there? By anyone’s count, Oklahoma was either the #2 or #3 team in the nation. If you beat a top 5 team, and have the same record as the other top 5 teams, then you should be ranked top 5. No question.

The real question is- will the voters in the polls that matter feel the same way? We’ll find out later today.

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