If you give Nebraska a way out…

In the spirit of: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.


If you give Nebraska a way out of Texas’ conference, they’ll take it.

Once the Cornhuskers go, Larry Scott is going to get an idea.

If Larry Scott invites Texas + 5 to his conference, Texas will leverage it into more power through Dan Beebe.

If Texas gets more power, the Big 12 gets more disgruntled, and Colorado will get out.

If Texas stays in the Big 12, Larry Scott will take your Colorado and raise you a Utah.

If Utah leaves the MWC, in comes Boise St, and out goes BYU too (if you don’t want it, I don’t either).

If BYU and Utah are gone, Craig Thompson must replace them with Fresno State and Nevada.

TCU thinks they smell, so they take their talents to the Big East.

And Craig Thompson invites Hawaii, but only to play football.


If BYU got their own TV deal, Texas will get a bigger one.

If Texas is happy, then A&M isn’t, so they want to go play in the SEC.

If A&M goes to the SEC, Texas will have to choose:

If Texas goes Independent, the Big 12 may get divided up between the other conferences,

Or it may have to try to build on lesser members.

If Texas stays in the Big 12, then the Big 12 will try to add BYU, and maybe Air Force or Louisville.

If the Big 12 adds these schools, Larry Scott will have a plan…

Comment to weigh in on what you think might happen.

2 thoughts on “If you give Nebraska a way out…

  1. If Texas A&M leaves the BIG 12 for the SEC, the BIG 12 needs to bring in both BYU and Boise State and a TCU (if possible). All three of these teams are top 25 teams year in and year out. The Northern division would be: BYU, Boise State, Missouri, Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State. The Southern division would consist of Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. Bingo…Stronger conference than before. Built in ravaries. BYU vs Boise State__ Missouri vs Iowa State__Kansas vs Kansas State__ Texas vs Texas Tech__TCU vs Baylor__Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma.

  2. The real question is – Is it safe to accept a big12 invite if the conference is going to be unstable? There are rumors floating around that if the big12 invites more schools, this would actually be the deal breaker for Texas and they could go Indy. Now if BYU accepted and then Texas left, they could always go back to being Indy, but how would that make them look?

    Joining the big12 would definitely give BYU more $. But there are arguments both ways as to if this would give them more exposure than independence does or not. Being in a BCS conference could give them more exposure, but if Independence works out, exposure increases on an exponential scale.

    It is probably in BYU’s best interest to sit back and see what Texas does. Make a plan with them. BYU is sitting ok for now, at least they know what direction they’re currently headed (being that they haven’t received any invite yet).

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