Jonny Harline Book Signing

Let me take you back to November 25th, 2006. BYU had won 8 games in a row after starting the season 1-2. They were taking that eight game winning streak on the road to Rice-Eccles Stadium to face Utah, who had beaten the Cougars four years in a row.

The Cougars ended up being down by four points with 1:19 remaining. They started a drive at their own 25 yard-line, and used big passes to Bryce Mahuika, Jonny Harline, and McKay Jacobson to get down to the Utah 11 yard-line. With only 3 seconds remaining, John Beck took the final snap of the game, and held the ball for what seemed like an eternity (12 seconds) until he finally found the wide-open Jonny Harline in the endzone for the game-winning touchdown. The Cougars won the game 33-31.

Can’t quite remember it? Watch below:

To this day, that play remains one of my all-time favorite. I was really excited when I saw that the game had been put into a picture book, “The Answered Prayer,” by Last Second Miracles. The book brings the play alive for parents and children alike – and I certainly enjoy any opportunity to share BYU football with my daughter.

This week, as part of Rivalry Week, Jonny Harline will actually be doing book signings! You will be able to purchase the book and have it signed by Jonny himself at the following times and locations:

  • Thursday, September 15th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Lehi Costco
  • Saturday, September 17th from 12:00-2:00pm at the Orem Costco

This is an amazing opportunity to get yourself a great tribute to BYU history, along with the signature of Jonny Harline! Taking your kids along with you will also give them a great personal connection to the text as they meet the man that made the miracle catch. I wish I lived close enough to Utah to be able to make it to the signing (and the game!), but I do hope that many of you will take advantage of this great opportunity to meet Jonny Harline in person.

5 thoughts on “Jonny Harline Book Signing

  1. One of the most unforgettable moments in BYU Football history. I’ll never forget hearing it live on the radio, sitting in my kitchen coloring pictures with my son, and hearing Greg Wrubell make the call… “Beck rolls left. Plenty of time, plenty of time, now the pressure comes, he throws it over his body and it is … CAUGHT FOR THE TOUCHDOWN! CAUGHT FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!” I especially love the sound of Ralph Sokolowski’s scream in the background of the radio call. Just a beautiful moment.

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