BYU 47, Hawaii 0

By Jacob Kendall

I like to pick out one key stat and number each game as the biggest factor in the game. Well after this game there are so many key statistics that it is almost impossible to choose. I will reveal several, but my key stat and number is 0:  points allowed, 4th down conversions and red zone possessions.

Defensive Numbers:

0 points allowed. 0 for 2 4th downs. 0 red zone possessions.
1 of 12 on 3rd downs.
3 takeaways. 1 interception. 2 fumbles.
149 yards of total offense. 108 passing. 41 rushing.

The defense was amazing tonight. Hawaii came into the game averaging 337 yards per game, and 29 points per game. BYU held them to 149 and 0, both season lows. This is the second consecutive game that BYU has not allowed an offensive touchdown. And BYU has yet to allow a touchdown to an FBS team when their opponent gains possession in their own territory. So ‘bend but not break’ is working amazingly well this year. Hawaii is bad, but how bad? We will see as the season plays out, but BYU’s defense will likely keep them in every game that they play in this year. Detractors will say BYU has not played a good offense so far this season. This may have truth to it, but I say their opponents’ offensive numbers look worse after 3 or 4 games played because they played BYU.

Offensive Numbers:

396 rushing yards. Williams 155 yard and 2 TDs. Hill 143 yards and 1 TD.
7 touchdowns. 5 rushing. 2 passing.
7.3 yards per carry by the team.
540 yards of total offense.

The running game was amazing tonight, with 396 total yards, 5 touchdowns, and 2 100 yard rushers. Hawaii has a bad defense, it is true, and they are depleted by injuries. But when you consider that BYU was playing with a 2nd string quarterback and running back, and a re-shuffled offensive line–those numbers are impressive. Although I am encouraged by the running ability of Hill, Williams, and Lasike, I am concerned about the lack of a passing game tonight, as well as the injury to Alisa.

This game was a complete domination by BYU in all aspects. You have to feel bad for the injured Hawaii players and hope and pray for their recoveries. BYU looked great minus the interception and missed PATs. I am sure the Cougars will celebrate tonight but their attention should shift to the Aggies tomorrow. Cougar fans have found a couple of new reasons for hope this season: Taysom Hill and Jamaal Williams.

One thought on “BYU 47, Hawaii 0

  1. I’m a huge Hill fan, but I’m having flashbacks of how great so many people thought Riley Nelson was when he played against horrible teams. Then we all had wake-up calls against TCU last year and Utah/Boise State this year. I’m optimistic about Hill, but not sure throwing him to the wolves is the best idea.

    Here’s my and my brother’s thoughts on the game last night:

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