BYU Hires Former QB Jason Beck, Guy Holliday to Offensive Staff

By: Danny Holmgren

Yesterday BYU announced the hirings of Jason Beck as quarterbacks coach and Guy Holliday as receivers coach. Beck was a former quarterback for BYU, but this isn’t the “J. Beck” jersey that started for the Cougars and has played in the NFL for six seasons. Since the re-hiring of offensive coordinator, Robert Anae, in January the offensive staff of BYU has been in uncertainty.

I’m surprised that this uncertainty remained through last week’s National Signing Day, as unknown coaching hires could potentially dissuade recruits from signing on the dotted line to play for the Cougars. As recently as last week, Coach Mendenhall had said that he had hoped to get the coaching hirings all made within a couple of weeks. With these recent hirings BYU can now look towards opening spring camp and implementing a new offensive strategy.

Jason Beck

Jason BeckBeck played quarterback for BYU from 2004-2006 and logged just one start during that time. Since graduation, Beck has been quick to progress through the coaching ranks. He began as an intern at LSU, learning under then-offensive coordinator Gary Crowton. His first real “coaching” position came as passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach for Ron McBride at Weber State from 2009-2011. During that time Beck coached Weber State quarterback Cameron Higgins, who now holds many of the key passing records in the Big Sky Conference.

After the 2011 season Beck was offered a position as the offensive coordinator at Simon Fraser University, a Division II school in Canada. During his one season as offensive coordinator, Beck took over an SFU offense that ranked last in most major offensive categories in their conference and turned them in to the No.1 offense in passing offense, scoring offense, and total offense.

While Beck is young and has only six years of coaching experience, those six years have produced results that qualify him for the position he is taking. An academic All-American in junior college before joining BYU, Beck has shown that he has both the smarts and savvy to elevate the play of the player he coaches on a variety of different levels. Having played at BYU and observed much of what makes a successful D1 quarterback, Beck should be a terrific addition to the BYU staff.

Guy Holliday

Guy HollidayHolliday is new to Provo, but brings a long career of coaching with him. During his 22 years of coaching, he has been a receivers and tight ends coach, offensive coordinator, and recruiting coordinator. His coaching positions have taken him from Division II coaching where he began with Clark Atlanta University to the SEC where he coached at Mississippi State. Most recently Holliday has served as the receiver’s coach at UTEP, where his coaching has resulted in 70 WR touchdown catches over the past four seasons. He has also held the wide receivers position at Cornell and Western Michigan.

Holliday’s certainly appears to have a knack for coaching wide receivers as he has coached several receivers to 1,000+ receiving yard and 10+ TD catch seasons. Although BYU’s offense struggled to get the ball down the field the last two seasons, Holliday has a slew of veteran wide receivers returning including Poinsettia Bowl Offensive MVP Cody Hoffman, Ross Apo, and JD Falslev. The wide receivers were really the least of the problems in an up-and-down passing campaign in 2011-2012 which featured poor quarterback play, a weak offensive line, and a series of injuries to key players. With offensive coordinator Robert Anae back running the offense, the focus has been on beefing up the offensive line. With a healthy quarterback, Coach Holliday should see great success from his new and returning receivers.

The hirings of Beck and Holliday should just about round out a complete overhaul of the BYU offensive coaching staff. They join offensive coordinator Robert Anae, running back coach Mark Atuaia, and offensive line coach Garret Tujague, who were hired earlier in January.


3 thoughts on “BYU Hires Former QB Jason Beck, Guy Holliday to Offensive Staff

  1. I thought Ben Cahoon was very good as the receivers coach the last two years. I think not bringing him back has everything to do with recruiting. BYU thinks that Guy Holliday can help recruit; Texas, non LDS athletes, and african american athletes better than they have over the past 8 years. That will be a lot of pressure on him when it comes to recruiting season but I hope he succeeds. BYU obviously needs help recruiting those areas.

    As far as no bringing Brandon Doman back as the QB’s coach, it makes sense to not want to bring back the OC who replaced you (for coach Anae). It sounds like all of the QB’s under Jason Beck have done very well. I’m sure he will be a very good coach.

    • Good points. I too think Cahoon did a fine job the past two years. He more than likely was not brought back simply because Anae wanted a clean slate to work with. Holliday does bring 22 years of recruiting experience, which I agree, is his biggest asset most likely in the eyes of BYU.

      I think Doman not returning was his own choice and probably a good one. I have to think that Bronco told Anae that if Doman wants to stay, they’ll find the best possible place for him. Bronco knows that not all of the offensive woes can be pegged on Doman. Doman was probably humbled pretty sufficiently over losing his O.C. job and just didn’t see himself standing on the sidelines wearing a different hat than before.

  2. Bronco gets rid of Cahoon, a great LDS member, who receivers improved with tremendously, respected, and loved. Bronco brings in a non-LDS guy who may have a good year because he has 3 veteran receivers. The only reason those receivers didn’t have the numbers they should have last year was because Bronco couldn’t give up on Riley who couldn’t throw the ball. I continue to be disappointed in Broncos coaching and decisions and hope he will be gone soon.

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