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I attended BYU beginning in 2000, served an LDS mission from 2001-2003, and resumed my education at BYU from 2003 until I graduated in 2007. I attended every home football game in Provo in 2000 and from 2003-2006. I also saw Lavell’s last miracle in person at Rice-Eccles Stadium. I lived through the worst Crowton years, still going to every game and still staying until what was usually a dreadful end. I had faith that things would turn around, and I am just glad that I have been able to witness a return to glory in this, the Bronco Mendenhall era of BYU football.

I started this site in 2009, mainly because my wife needed me to find another outlet for all of the things I was trying to tell her about BYU football, and also because I really enjoy writing. Interest in the site has grown each year, and in 2012 I began adding other writers to the site, each of whom has a passion for BYU football that is evident in his work. We are excited to be able to continue running this site and hope that you enjoy everything we have to offer.

Thanks for reading.

Jeremy Kidd

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